FROM ABOVE Ganz New Festival is yet another festival among many others on the Zagreb scene. However, it is one of the rare ones (that strives) to present emerging authors and discover new names and trends in the performing arts. Ganz has grown out of the activities of Teatar &TD within the programmatic concept of The Culture of Change  as an international platform  for presenting  young authors as well as a place where contemporary tendencies and unconventional approaches to performing arts can be freely explored and developed. The Festival of Developmental Theatre presents the work of authors who are only starting to develop their own aesthetics and, as opposed to the already renowned artists who are expected to put out their maximum, they are allowed to wander and stray, to make mistakes, but also to be ingenious.

FROM BELOW We are in the Student Center in Zagreb, focused on the space of &TD Theatre (but also the MM Centre, SC Cinema and SC Gallery) with a full view of the renovated French Pavillion, which will soon open its doors. We are probably the only Croatian, and not only Croatian, theatre festival with free entry. The free entry is a part of our ongoing effort to create a ganz new audience, but also to promote theatre as a medium that, as literature, plays an important role in today’s society of predominantely passive consumption of images and data.

FROM THE FRONT The festival gathers a small number of artists and programs this year, but it nourishes a special relationship with them and creates unique educational programs. Through interdisciplinary workshops, laboratories with established artists, directed conversations and research residencies as equally important segments of the program, Ganz New Festival strives to connect local and international artists and organizations, promote transmission and intergenerational exchange of knowledge, various art fields, and skills.  The festival opens with a premiere of an international coproduction project Gradnja (Der Bau) performed by nine young Croatian performers, initiated by one of the most famous German dance artists Isabelle Schad and de facto (Saša Božić) in cooperation with ekscena and the Culture of Change. Spanish artist Maria Jerez will present two of her works: The Case Of the Spectator and The Perfect Alibi, in which she has developed her own specific language on the borders of theatre, film, choreography and visual arts. One of the most promising young European choreographers, Austrian artist An Kaler, merges visual with performing arts in her piece On orientations/one place after. Slovenian artist Irena Tomažin will amaze you with her incredible vocal power as well as the ability to use her body as an instrument of voice in the performance The Taste of Silence Always Resonates. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the re-runs of dance performances This is you? by M. Bilosnić and & by R. Milevoj and T. Feller. The multi-award winning duo B.Gagić/M. Gladović will hold a workshop on luminoacoustics, and Svetlana Spajić, a vocal artist from Serbia, named one of the best five Balkan traditional music singers, will hold a workshop on traditional Balkan singing. In cooperation with the French Institute and its Teatroskop project, French, Slovenian and Croatian artists will take part in a research residency called Communitas II led by Mala Kline, who will also hold a workshop on the feedback method. Young Croatian artist trio D.CarM.Frankola i V.Klepica will present an interactive installation Gangplank Showcase, and four young, perspective jazz musicians J. NovoselićG. SavićT.Starešinić i Z. Šestak along with their guests DJ Carlito and Brass Gangster will present the groove-jazz-electro performance of the ganznewlycreated ensemble Anakin Skajvalker JrIn cooperation with the Italian Institute for Culture, we present Duo Alterno, a vocal and pianist duo specialized in performing contemporary music.

FROM THE BACK Numerous partners, collaborators, and sponsors have supported the organization of this year’s Ganz. We take this opportunity to thank  apapnet, de facto, eks scena, French Institute in Zagreb (Teatroskop project), Zagreb Municipality, International Net for Dance & Performance Austria (INTPA), isabelle cie, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Kultura Nova Foundation and HDS Zamp. Festival is a part of European program apap – Performing Europe, supported by the European Commission – Culture Programme 2007-2013.

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