Ganz New Festival, Day 3!

We are persistent to present excellent program on the third day of the festival as well!

Gangplank Showcase installation is still displayed in Foaje &TD from 19.30 to 22.30h, the presentation of Dreamlab – Communitas II  will be at 19.00h in Kino SC, and this evening we present two exquisite performances: This is You?, a dance solo by Matea Bilosnić that you can see at 21.00h in MM centar, and a ‘solitary bodyless movie’ – The Perfect Alibi by Spanish artist Maria Jerez at 22.00h in Polukružna &TD. Stay after the performance and participate in a short talk with Maria Jerez that will be moderated by Vedrana Klepica, at 23.15h.

If you still haven’t booked your tickets, do so at or drop by Teatar &TD in the period between 11 and 13h, 18 to 20h, or two hours prior to the performance and pick up your free tickets!

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Foto by Matea Zvirotić

Foto by Matea Zvirotić