The second day of Ganz!

Ganz new hello to everyone!

We entered the second day of the Ganz New Festival! Today’s repertoire is: Gangplank Showcase installation by Croatian artists Vedrana Klepica, Drago Car and Marino Frankola in Foaje&TD from 19.30 until 22.30h, the second day of luminoacoustics workshop guided by Bojan Gagić and Miodrag Gladović from 17.30 until 21h in SC grounds and SEK followed by the presentation of the workshop at 22h in Teatar &TD.  If you missed yesterday’s premiere, you can see Isabelle Schad’s dance performance “Der Bau” (Gradnja) once again tonight at 20h in Velika &TD. After the performance, at 21.15h, we will have a talk with all the dancers, Saša and Isabelle so you are welcome to join us. To finish the day, check out the concert of Duo Alterno  at 21h in MM centar.

If you still haven’t booked your tickets, don’t be afraid, we still have some left. Drop by Teatar &TD in the period between 11 and 13h, 18 to 20h, or two hours prior to the performance and pick up your free tickets!

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