Dear all, today is the first day of the Ganz New Festival, 4th edition!

 The first day of Ganz proudly presents: the first day of Luminoacoustics workshop, under the guidance of Bojan Gagić and Miodrag Gladović, Gangplank Showcase installation from 19:30 to 22:30h in Foaje&TD, The Case of the Spectator, a theatre performance by the Spanish artist Maria Jerez at 21:30h in Polukružna &TD. A special treat of the day is the premiere of the dance performance “Der Bau” (Gradnja) by the German choreographer Isabelle Schad at 20:00h in Velika &TD. To finish the day, come and see the outcome of the traditional singing workshop with the incredible Svetlana Spajić at 22:30h in MM centar.

And once again – Ganz new bilten is back! It will guide you through the five days of the festival, introduce you to the artists and the participants of the festival, but also with the young critics who will be following the festival with their pen, they are: Robin Mikulić, Ivana Kalc, Irena Tomašić, Valentina Lončarić, Anđela Vidović and Andrea Kovač. Read our ganz new critics, and you can find the bilten in Teatar&TD, SC, but also here!

Don’t forget that the entrance to the entire festival programme is free of charge!

Experience a ganz new adventure at the Ganz New Festival!

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