September 13 to 15, Polukružna dvorana &TD, starting at 8 p.m., Ganz New Festival pre-programme


Spanish artist Maria Jerez invited 5 fellow artists – Saša Božić, Vana Gaćina and Adriana Josipović, Vedrana Klepica and Mala Kline- who are currently working on their own projects (whether they are at the beginning, the middle or the end) to take part in her workshop called Let’s share references in order to open up their individual artistic processes by sharing the references they use in their work.  Each day, Sept 13-15, from 8.p., the artists will open the doors of Teatar &TD in order to share the sources of inspiration with the interested audience: by watching movies, reading books, giving feedback, talking criticizing – the artists will offer a sort of open code of their work  – and you are all invited to join them!

Maria Jerez

By disclosing the artistic process the artist allows and even invites the other participants and the public to interfere with his/her process of artistic research in the form of collective participation in the process. 

This means that:


reading a book  becomes a group  reading;

watching a film becomes a cinema club;

reading an article becomes a public lecture;

having a conversation with a friend about individual artistic processes  becomes parallel residencies

looking for information on the internet becomes a radio show based on interviews


The objectives of doing so are:


to create a community;

to create content with other people;

to interfere with the work of others and to let others interfere with your work;

to create unexpected encounters;

to enrich relationships and work;

to contaminate each other;

to create our own inputs;

to break barriers in-between people (to ask a person whose work you are using to come and give a lecture instead of reading an article while this person stays invisible  to you,  and you stay invisible  to them).


The workshop is a part of the European project  of the Culture of Change of SC apap – Performing Europe supported by the European Commission within the Culture Programme 2007 – 2013. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission is not responsible for the usage of information presented above.