Only 1 day left until the start of Ganz New Festival!

Only 1 day  left until the start of Ganz New Festival, 4th edition! Ganz presents 7 performances, 4 workshops, 3 residencies, 3 concerts and 1 installation.

We present the most promising young European choreographer An Kaler, two award-winning Croatian media artists Bojan Gagić and Miodrag Gladović, one of the most famous German choreographers Isabelle Schad, four brilliant jazz players came together in a band Anakin Skajvalker Jr., two multi-awarded Slovenian choreographers and performers Mala Kline and Irena Tomažin, extraordinary Spanish theatre artist Maria Jerez, one of the top five Balkan traditional singing vocals Svetlana Spajić and ganz new Croatian authors and performers. See you at Ganz!