FESTIVAL BIS / Svetlana Spajić workshop´s participants

music surprise

21.9. ● 23:00h ● atrij Teatra &TD

After several singing workshops and meetings, the informal and still nameless vocal lab of the Student Centre will performtogether inpublic for the first time, inspired by the work of Anne-Marie Blink, Svetlana Spajić and Irena Tomažin. The phenomenon of voice has gathered actors, performers, singers, and dancers persistent in the desire to undertake a profound vocal journey towards the non-academic research of voice – primitive voice, body voice, one’s own voice.  The participants will expand their research into the mystery of voice in a three-day-long residency and prepare a unique musical closure of the 4th edition of Ganz New Festival . As special guests of the programwe present Irena Tomažin, performer and dancer, and Mateja Gorjup, traditional music singer.  Local coordinator of the residency will be Marta Kolega , traditional music singer and participant in the international performing arts project apap – Performing Europe as well as other interested participants of the workshop Živa tradicija sa Svetlanom Spajić.

I cannot really say that I am thinking of a voice or movement, body, text, sound and/or music as different mediums – for me voice is a knot strangely connecting all of these. (Irena Tomažin)