vocal-dance performance


21.9. ●22:00h● 46 min ● Velika &TD


It happens sometimes that the sheer beauty of a song tends to bring me into a certain state of confusion. The air, which growls inside my chest, choking me until I explode – gets expelled, way out there, into the silence. And sometimes I manage to shriek, really quietly. _as a performer_I have been turning around the same obsession for years: the voice and its body(ies), face(s), space(s). In this piece I was for the first time consciously meeting the traditional singing in the context of contemporary (dance) performance. What in the beginning seemed as two different worlds – one belonging to the past and the other trying not to be connected with the past – turned out to be connected and affecting one another._as a choreographer_I was obsessed with combining all this also with movement. However, I didn’t want to speak on the level of telling a story, but to keep the mentioned connections raw – without interpretation or explaining – in order to evoke an organic reaction in the spectator.

Concept & performance: Irena Tomažin
Dramaturgy: Barbara Korun
Sound: Aldo Ivančič
Light design & technical assistance: Igor Remeta
Costumes: Tina Pavlović
Executive producer: Barbara Hribar
Production: Emanat
Coproduction: Cankarjev dom, Maska
Support: Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport , European Cultural Foundation (within the project Co-viocings)

I am mostly influenced by the things I don’t understand. Or the things that hurt me. The things that make me curious. The things that make me feel alive and bring me (to) love.