Anakin Skajvalker JR./ concert


Janko Novoselić (1983)made his first drum kit on his own, using a metal cookie box, a tom and two small cymbals, and played with the band Vještice before he reaching the age of 10. He graduated from University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, and has up till now performed with world-renowned jazz musicians such as Miles GriffithDavid MurrayAdrienne WestGaynel HodgeAndy MiddletonFritz PauerTamara ObrovacElvis StanićHrvoje RupčićMatija DedićSaša NestorovićLadislav FidriBoško PetrovićMiro KadoićIvan KapecAnte Gelo and many others. Novoselić is the co-founder of the electro trio Bilk, the jazz band Satellite and a project of improvised electro-dance music called Tobogan. He is currently working on a solo album.

Zvonimir Šestak (1988) studied Jazz Bass at the Carinthian State Conservatory, but he graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. He has been playing in HGM Big Band, working and performing with musicians such as Tamara Obrovac, Matija Dedić, Krunoslav Levačić, Joe Kaplowitz, Kristian Terzić, Ante Gelo, Erik Marenče, Ratko Divjak, Uroš Rakovec, Karen Asatrian and many others. He is regarded as one of the most promising young jazz musicians in Croatia.

Toni Starešinić (1981) is a member of the jazz band Chui, a neo-soul group called Mangroove and the electro-dance band Tobogan. WhileTobogan is considered a sort of entertainment among the members of the band, Mangroove has been climbing the tops of the domestic music charts, and Chui is receiving compliments even when they are least expected.

Grga Savić (1983) started taking guitar lessons at the age of thirteen, but at the age of fifteen he switched to saxophone. He graduated from the University for Music and performing Arts in Graz and spent some time studying jazz at Carinthian State Conservatory. He is a freelance musician who works on the other side of time. New York, i.e. Brooklyn, has recently become his living space, the place where he constantly learns, listens and observes. He chose music because it is the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. As a composer Savić works mainly for his own bands Cromatic 5, The Unleashed Bop Force, Bug and Free Willys.