dance performance

20.9. ● 20:00h ● 75 min ● Velika &TD

apap – Performing Europe 


_approaching_Performance & started long before Roberta and I entered the rehearsal space. We were exchanging e-mails in which we were writing about the views of our upcoming duet. That was the first attempt of finding a common_tie_Tomi and I imagine one thing, try out another, and end up with a third. I remember when we started doing & that everything seemed clear from the beginning; where we start from, how and where we want to go. We didn’t count on the fact that each day is replete with new steps, thoughts and tasks._crossing_We were onto something that seemed interesting in this new situation and so we started our journey i.e. entanglement into a _&_ in which Roberta and Tomislav decided to put their journey on stage and ask themselves what they do for each other, what they become to each other through dance – once they find themselves together in the space. Their two bodies simultaneously build and disintegrate a world of intimacy, asking if the two bodies have to be literally synchronized in order to be in harmony. They write out their own answers to the question: What connects us?


Choreography & performance: Tomislav Feller i Roberta Milevoj

Set design: Mauricio Ferlin

Light design: Bojan Gagić

Dramaturgy: Jasna Žmak

Photographer: Damir Žižić

Graphic design: Martina Granić

Coproduction: The Student Centre of the University of Zagreb – Culture of Change – &TD Theatre and independent artist Roberta Milevoj

Support: EU Culture Program 2007-2013 within the project  apap – Performing Europe, The City of Zagreb, Croatian Ministry of Culture.

I love when something happens especially when I didn’t put my finger on it and wished for it too hard. Everything that has to come will come. 

Milevoj i Feller, foto Damir Zizic (1)