20.9. ● 15:00 – 22:30h ● Polukružna &TD

apap – Performing Europe


Feedback needs to be like a desire, something that you long for. (B. van Lindt, DasArts)

Reflection and feedback are essential elements in the process of creating and performing for everyone active in the performing arts. They are crucial for the support of working processes in different stages and for enabling potential.  In half a day of intensive interdisciplinary work-share format, Mala Kline will introduce you to a method of feedback that includes the use of different formats and perspectives providing the authors and performers with a broad, rich and concrete input. The present state of work will be reflected upon and its artistic potential will be discussed. Also, the group will attempt to find ways of improving the work. The aim is to use feedback and its techniques to enrich the creative process and empower the position of the artist who may so gain insight into what one’s work is, what it does to its audiences, and what it might become.

The workshop includes the presentation of different formats of giving feedback, a movie about feedback (cooperation between DasArts and Master Film and Sub-Pacific Films/Jack Faber), watching performances of M. Bilosnić This is You? (Sep 19 at 21:00h in MM centre) and R. Milevoj /T. Feller & (Sep 20 at 20:00h in Velika &TD), and giving feedback to the artists of Ganz New Festival. Apply to by midnight September 14.


Students of the theatre master degree DasArts in Amsterdam together with the philosopher Karim Benamar developed a new method for providing feedback. A number of formats that have been developed, such as Affirmative Feedback, Open Questions, Alternative Perspective, Gossip Round, and others, demonstrate that there are many different ways of giving feedback. Since Mala Kline studied atDasArts at the time when the method was being developed, on the invitation of Ganz New Festival, she decided to share feedback method with her colleagues in Zagreb.

Workshop is realized within the project ‘EDUKULTURA SC’ and ‘apap – Performing Europe’ with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture, The City of Zagreb and EU Culture Program 2007-2013.