dance performance

19.9. ● 21:00h●  25 min ● MM centar

The main motive that dominates the solo is headbanging that I singled out as a starting point for the exploration of the physicality of hair. The studio I was working in was for the most part occupied so I had rehearsals in bars, clubs, concerts – anywhere where dancing is a socially acceptable activity. The idea was born at the Prodigy concert. I especially liked the concept of transforming passive hair into an active protagonist, letting it take over the majority of physical activity of the piece. I tried to place the motive of headbanging – an isolated segment of something that happens as a basic human need for expression – under controlled conditions of performance in front of an audience, in which the consciousness of a performer and an audience changes the meaning of the motive itself. _working on the solo_I worked on the solo alone, which was a very challenging experience. In the piece, I purpusefully never show my face in order to transfer focus from the face to the body. Working on this solo helped me crystalize my current interests in the field of dance expression and performance.


Concept & performance: Matea Biliosnić

Light design: Marino Frankola

Sound: Damir Šimunović

Coproduction: Monoplay festival and The Student  Centre of the University of Zagreb – Culture of Change – &TD Theatre (LAB&TD)

There is a moment in the solo when I stop. Calm down. With hair over my face. And then the pain in my neck becomes so unbearable that I immediately go back to headbanging.

matea1_damir žižić