17.- 18.9. ● 17:30-21:00 ● dvorište SC & SEK

18.9. ● 22:00 ● prezentacija radionice ● Teatar &TD

Croatian artists Miodrag Gladović and Bojan Gagić will be holding a workshop on luminoaucustics, based on the conversion of luminous objects into tone images through the photovoltaic effect. The effect is generated when solar panels produce electricity, the strength of which depends on the intensity of light, thus giving the performance and the composition technique its name- luminoaucustics. Different sources of light (neon, halogen, LED, cigarette lighters, video projectors) generate different sound frequencies which, through further processing, can be transformed into a modular musical sketch. The workshop will be divided into two parts: natural light sources (the Sun) and artificial light sources (lamps, reflectors, cigarette lighters, lasers, etc…), followed by the processing of the two light sources with analog instruments (stompbox pedals) and digital systems (PD). The workshop is open to all pupils, students, artists, wanna be hackers, designers, DIY enthusiasts and people of all age willing to learn. If you can, bring your own laptop, stompbox pedals, torchlights and so on, but this is not a prerequisite. Apply to by midnight September 11th.

Workshop is realized within the project ‘EDUKULTURA SC’ of the SC Culture of Change with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture and The City of Zagreb.