workshop 16.-17.9. ● 16:00-21:30h ●  MM centar 17.9. ● 22:30h ●  prezentacija radionice ● MM centar    

Svetlana likes sharing her singing and stories, and her entire work is dedicated to the great traditional singers who taught her the ancient songs. This singing is relieved of categories of tone, note, melody, verse, intonation. Traditional singing includes a lot of freedom, so it can only sound truly complete with freed singers. She likes sharing some of the most ancient traditional forms such as singing na glas, ganga, kolanje, and old singing techniques such as potresanje, orzenje, etc. Lot of attention is given to focus, projection of sound, hearing and listening, both individually and within the group. Living tradition for Svetlana is about sharing and establishing afull personal and activerelationshipbetween the singers. If there is such a concept as hardcore’ when it comes to folk music, Svetlana Spajić is definitely a representative of its hardline wing. In Svetlana Spajić’s work, singing techniques, eccentricity of local folklore, thematic orientation are all presented without trying to accommodate the unaccustomed listener, the untrained ear. The authenticity of this music comes from its slashing intensity, and the fact that it doesn’t strive to meet its listener halfway. You will struggle with this music, the way it struggled against oblivion. (U. Smiljanić)

  Apply to midnight September 11. Workshop is realized within the project ‘EDUKULTURA SC’ of the SC Culture of Change with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture and The City of Zagreb.

This is folk music that stretches the idea of communicativity and nationality to the borders of meaning, coming close to the most abstract avanguarde you know. (U. Smiljanić)

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