_I’m interested in_questions about live-performance, movement, space and embodiment, which are related to my background in visual arts. That’s why I would not call my work dancing – I don’t want to negate dance, but am critical towards some of its limitations as a closed genre. I choose the medium I want to work in each time: sometimes it is clear from the beginning on, other times, like with one place after, I realize after a certain time that what I thought was supposed to become a solo-performance had become a performative installation. Consequently, I am more interested in what I call choreography – different practices informing one another – because oftentimes simultaneous working-practices in different media help me understand things._education_After studying Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, An Kaler finished a B.A. pilot program Contemporary Dance, Context, and Choreography at Inter-University Center for Dance in Berlin.

I don’t know actually if I can distinguish my experiences as a performer or a choreographer, I think they’re closely related and at the same time the ‘choreographer’ in me always seems to keep a little distance, leaving some space for reflection. 


artists: Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes

books by Sarah Ahmed: Queer, Phenomenology

films by: Emily Wardill, Clair Denis

An Kaler