_Vedrana_I learned most of what I know by cooperating with directors and choreographers on their projects, communicating with the performers, attending programs and workshops thematically connected to sound, light, video, etc. Performances that I want to do are thematically connected to the problems of economic and media exploitation in contemporary society, and I am interested in contemporary technologies because the conditions of production make the work process easier, cheaper and aesthetically more radical and challenging._education_Vedrana Klepica finished Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

I think that performing artists have a great need to become familiar with new technologies. They don’t necessarily need to learn how to use them, but they could develop the ability to express what exactly interests them for the needs of their own artistic projects. 


Thomas Bernhardt, Elfride Jelinek, Martin Crimp, Herta Muller, Ingeborg Bachmann, Hubert Sauper…

Vedrana Klepica