_body as medium_I explore relationships between body and mind / spirit, knowledge of body functions, its energetic pathways (meridians), practices  such as body-mind centering and Asian practices (Aikido, Ki-concept, Shiatsu, Qi-Gong). Trained in classical ballet, I have travelled a long road to be where I am today, learning, un-learning, re-learning…going towards more free forms and then eventually back to stricter forms and a very defined movement vocabulary. _on choreography_ You need knowledge and crafts to be able to uncover realities, to be able to make visiblerather than reshow or reproduce. Choreography means organizing materials, such as bodies, movements, or any other materials at play._education_Isabelle Schad, dancer and choreographer, studied classical dance in Stuttgart and danced for many different choreographers before she started creating her own projects in 1999.


experimental film makers: Artavazd Pelechian, Martin Arnold

philosophers: Deleuze , The Fold

visual artist: Laurent Goldring

Isabelle Schad