_my work_I’m interested in people and their potential: in what we can or can’t do. I’m fascinated by the fact that we dream all the time, that we have the capacity to imagine this or another version of the world and of ourselves. So I have learned these ancient methods of dreaming – using imagery to move the body on different levels of its being – and translated them to become the foundation of all my work._the winding path_This year I’ll finish my book on ethics in performing arts, which I also write through dreaming. It’s a leap. I have no idea what happens next. But something is trembling underneath ready to rise into its proper form when it’s time._education_Mala Kline holds a BA in Philosophy and Comparative Literature (UL, Ljubljana), and an MA in Theatre (DasArts, Amsterdam). She currently studies with the School of Images (NYC) and she is doing her PhD on ethics in performing arts (UL, Ljubljana).


Everyone should do at least one Vipassana course, spend 10 days in complete silence and for a change be one’s own inspiration.

Mala Kline