_Maria_I have been doing the same since I was a kid while playing with my sister. Disguising myself, performing, dancing, pretending, making films, reading, writing, taking pictures, drawing, copying… For a while I wanted to do everything, to be an architect, a builder, a teacher, a cook, a prostitute, an astronaut, a secret agent, a sailor… so I decided to do something where  I could be all of them at the same time. I started collaborating with other artists when I was very young and I have been developing a constant practice as a spectator and as a reader, focusing on contamination, multiplicity, limits, reality, fiction, baroque, choreography, cinema, spectators, roles, theater, conventions… In my practice, each new process reveals a new format. The format is made through the development of a specific language that can only come into existence under those new specific circumstances. I want to do my practice as an experimental continuum that affects not only the visible work but the developing methodologies, the contexts created around the artistic work, the audience, the relation. _education__Maria Jerez was born in Madrid, where she received her diploma in History of Art (1999-2000) and Audio-Visual Communication (1997-8) at the University of Madrid.


Buf… I need a beer to answer this question. Come see my work and we’ll talk about this after the show… In the meantime I will re-read ‘Nymphs’ by G. Agamben.

Maria Jerez