__my work_I always connect to the voice as a physical experience, an expression of the body. I cannot really say that I am thinking of a voice or movement, body, text, sound and/or music as different mediums – for me voice is a knot strangely connecting all of these.  I work more or less intuitively, never knowing where I’m going – but still orientating from the points that I feel stayed unrevealed in the previous piece. I think I wouldn’t be able to stop what I’m doing even if it wouldn’t communicate at all. Maybe all this is just a way of coming closer to myself. Through this I might bring somebody else closer to him- or herself, but this is probably very utopian._education_Irena Tomažin graduated from the University of Ljubljana – Department of Philosophy.  Dancing from early age, she gathered additional education in different programs: EN-KNAP Laboratory, the educational program Agon of EMANAT etc.

I am mostly influenced by the things I don’t understand. Or the things that hurt me. The things that make me curious. The things that make me feel alive and bring me (to) love. 


Read and watch and meet the artists that no one knows or the ones no one  is interested in.

Irena Tomažin