20.9. ● 22:00h ● atrij Teatra&TD

ANAKIN SKAJVALKER JR. band membersare Janko Novoselić (drums), Grgur Savić (reeds & flutes), Toni Starešinić (piano & synthesizer) and Zvonimir Šestak (electric double bass) with guest stars DJ Carlito (scratch) and Brass Gangsters.

‘Huma’ is a word! A word becomes a sentence and the sentence has its meaning. ‘Huma’ is a universal language, it is music and truth. People need ‘huma’ in order not to get lost on planet Earth. The Earth is in danger. People are in danger. They are lost like a car without a driver. People need ‘huma’ to stay human and to stay in focus with our universal mother.

At the top of the Aldeberan Mountain, the reddest star in the south eye is the star Aldeberan in the Taurus Constellation. From the Kungpa Legpe himself (the Tibetan divine madman) young Anakin Skajvalker, a.k.a. Darth Vader’s aunt, receives a message from Tibet (planet Earth) to gather his strongest space wanderers and to visit Earth on a mission to save it from self-destruction caused by human stupidity,  that has been leading to the Earth’s demise. HUMA Universal Electro Syndicate are warriors from outer space. Armed with the profound truth and the knowledge of the universe, they will return the Earth and earthlings into their original and pure form of perfection using space frequencies.  

UT-396 Hz- the Release from Guilt and Fear RE- 417 Hz- the Solving of Situations and the Creation of Change MI – 528 Hz- Transformation and Wonders (DNA Repair) FA- 639- Hz – Connecting/Relationships SOL – 741Hz- the Awakening of the Intuition LA- 852 Hz- the Return to the Spiritual Order

After completing their duty, Anakin and his space troops return to the Taurus Constellation, and the Earth is pure and enlightened for the next 1 000 000 000 years.