_my work_I begin every process out of curiosity and fantasy of a possible transformation of physical experience. Before every concrete production there is an idea that haunts me like an obsession, and the main role in the specificity of the project is determined by a series of mistakes, i.e. failure to carry out the idea. I’m interested in the effects of euphoria, drama and parody, but also in the visual experience of performance art._cooperation_I like to create together with someone who is challenging and inspiring. Roberta Milevoj and I explore dance and theatre, and with Manuel Scheiwiller I do performance art and edit an online magazine Contemporary Cruising. In the near future I’m planning a solo project. After that, I don’t know. _education_Tomislav Feller finished School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, majoring in dance and choreography (2010).

At the beginning of his show ‘Sad sam Lucky’, Matija Ferlin said: ‘A lot of work awaits me. Isn’t that cheerful?’ I often remember that. 


At the moment I’m reading ‘Psychomagic’ by the legendary film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. The movie that knocked me off my feet was – ‘Zabriskie Point’ – by Michelangelo Antonioni.

Tomislav Feller